China permanent magnet manufacturer:

Will the magnet bracket affect our mobile phone?

Will the magnet bracket affect our mobile phone? Will you magnetize the original part of the mobile phone?

We collected two opinions

Will affect:
It will affect the electronic compass.
Will not affect:
Because some accessories inside the mobile phone are also magnetic, it does not affect our daily use after technical treatment. After many tests, the magnet has no negative impact on the mobile phone. think: more or less a little influence Oh, so try to stick away from the horn, because they are magnetic.

Guess you focus on:

What kind of mobile phone is magnet bracket suitable for?
Any brand and size of mobile phone as long as the surface is smooth.
Can the part of the magnet attached to the mobile phone be removed?
The magnet is connected to the mobile phone with 3M glue. If 3M glue is too sticky, it can be removed slowly after being heated and softened by an electric hair dryer. If there is any glue left, it can be wiped with alcohol.
How much is the price of the magnet car bracket?
The price range of the magnet bracket is about $9-128.



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