China permanent magnet manufacturer:

Why do you still have many magnet specifications in stock?

According to our colleagues’ feedback, almost every week, customers from all provinces will come to us to find out of the box magnets, some need to find common ferrite magnets, some are NdFeB magnets, and others are radial multipolar rotors of motors. However, in many cases, these customers have inquired about many magnet manufacturers and can not find them. There will be doubts. What is the reason for this So many magnet specifications are not available in the magnet manufacturers?

There are also a few manufacturers that do inventory on hand, but the specifications are not too many, generally familiar with, long-term cooperation of large customers commonly used specifications.
Most magnet manufacturers are mainly non-standard customized, because manufacturers in different industries, even if the same specification of magnets may also have temperature resistance, coating, performance grade, magnetic pole number, magnetization method differences, some high requirements also have requirements for tolerance, for example, a certain size can only take positive tolerance, a certain size can only negative tolerance.
Therefore, manufacturers generally do not produce large goods, such as the spot magnets to buy, but through the custom-made way, through the customer to sample, and then customize the magnet products customers need.



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