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Why do some NdFeB magnets have smaller specifications?

Neodymium iron boron magnets are probably used by most manufacturers, and they are not very strange. Some of them play the role of adsorption, and some of them play the role of induction. But carefully, have you found that some magnets with small specifications rarely come into contact with large powerful neodymium iron boron magnets? Today, John would like to share with you.

1. Although the size of the small magnet is small, the magnetic force can meet the requirements.

1555378246830268 - Why do some NdFeB magnets have smaller specifications?

First of all, from the name, we can know that it is powerful, which is not generally strong. In the magnet category, NdFeB is very strong, so in many cases, it can meet the customer’s design requirements without large specifications.
2. The small magnet is easy to produce and has strong batch.
The manufacturers of any industry are mainly based on volume, and the magnet industry is also the same. Compared with some large powerful magnets used for equipment, small magnets are easier to produce in batches, and magnet manufacturers prefer this kind of customers. Anti expensive large powerful magnet, time-consuming, expensive materials, high risk coefficient of magnetization, etc.
Therefore, the general magnet manufacturers are mainly small-sized (small) magnets, large-sized strong magnets are usually not available in stock, they all need to be customized, and many magnet factories do not connect one or two large magnets.



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