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Why do powerful magnets need electroplating maintenance?

Why do powerful magnets need electroplating maintenance? Well done! No electroplating? Wait, you know what?

Although powerful magnets are magnets, they also pay attention to appearance. The raw material of strong magnet production is rare earth, which is sintered into black solid, and then cut by cutting machine according to different sizes. Although the black solid after cutting, but it is still a black solid, the shape is relatively ugly, black hemp. So we can beautify the magnet by electroplating, so what are the benefits? Is there only beautification?

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In fact, the magnet is sintered with rare earth, because it is soil, it is very fragile, and it is easy to rust in complex environment, resulting in weakening of its magnetic properties, even damage. Then we have made the electroplating make it more beautiful in appearance, and at the same time, we can keep the magnet strong, and it will not be easily polluted by the environment, which will weaken the magnetic performance. At the same time, the hardness of the magnet will be increased correspondingly. Although the hardness is not greatly increased, it is always stronger than the original one.
Another is more salt fog resistance, different enterprises have different time for magnet salt fog. Magnet manufacturers can make magnet pass salt spray test smoothly through the treatment of magnet electrodeposition.



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