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Why are magnetic tiles prone to fracture?

Many friends who buy magnetic tiles have such a question. Why do they receive more or less broken goods? What’s the matter? Let’s talk about it today.

Why are magnetic tiles prone to fracture?

The fracture of magnetic tile products has been plagued by enterprises, companies and individuals who often use permanent magnet motors. What are the reasons that lead to the fracture of magnetic tile products? This paper analyzes the reasons for the fracture of magnetic tile products.
Next, we will analyze the reasons for the fracture of the magnetic tile products from the source of the magnetic tile and the whole production process of the machine.
1. Raw materials of magnetic tile
The quality of raw materials will directly affect the quality of the magnetic tile. If there has been no fracture before, we need to know whether the magnetic tile manufacturer has changed itself, such as the original raw materials, but the processing technology has changed, or whether there are problems in the processing time and ball milling state, which are the reasons for the fracture of the magnetic tile .
2. Forming treatment of magnetic tile
In the case that the raw materials and the processing technology of raw materials are normal, the possibility of fracture caused by magnetic circuit can be ruled out. At this time, we need to check the forming treatment of the magnetic tile manufacturer, and see whether the newly formed green body has soft angle, delamination, texture asymmetry after breaking off and other phenomena that easily lead to fracture.
3. Sintering process of magnetic tile
The rationality of sintering process and the control of temperature curve are the problems that should be paid attention to. If there is a problem at this stage, it will lead to the quality difference of the magnetic tile products, leading to fracture.
4. Machining wear of magnetic tile
If the workpiece is in the processing state for a long time, wear will occur. Once the tooling does not match, such as too fast feed speed, too much feed, insufficient cooling water and so on, it is easy to fracture.
Although the magnetic tile manufacturers will check the products before they leave the factory, there may be such problems due to some laxity. Is there any further understanding of the reason for the fracture of the magnetic tile products?



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