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Which motors use NdFeB Arc magnets?

With the continuous development of the times, NdFeB permanent magnet has been widely used in China’s motor industry, the effect is very significant, so which motor will use NdFeB arc magnets?
NdFeB is a permanent magnet material, which is an indispensable part of permanent magnet motor. Rare earth permanent magnet motor is the largest application field of NdFeB magnet, accounting for about 70% of the total magnets. Computer hard disk supporting coil motor (VCM) accounts for 40% ~ 50%, so the computer industry is the largest user of permanent magnet motor.
Common permanent magnet motors are: permanent magnet DC motor, permanent magnet AC motor.
Permanent magnet DC motor: Brush DC motor, brushless motor, stepping motor, etc.
Permanent magnet AC motor: synchronous permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet servo motor, etc.

Application of NdFeB in permanent magnet DC motor

In 1990, zyn40 Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet DC motor was developed by Shanghai micromotor factory. The sintered N30 Nd-Fe-B magnetic steel was used as the magnetic pad, with br of 1.12-1.18t, BHC of 637-756ka / m, MHC of 635-836ka / m, and (BH) max of 231-255kj / m3. It was used to replace M series al Ni Co and ZYT series ferrite permanent magnet DC motor, and achieved good economic benefits. Compared with the alnico motor, the NdFeB motor has a smaller frame number at the same power, and its weight and volume are 70% and 68% of the alnico motor, respectively; Compared with the ferrite machine, it reduces two frame numbers, the weight and volume are 40% and 36% of the ferrite machine, respectively; compared with the SZ electric excitation machine, it reduces two frame numbers, the weight and volume are 40% of the electric excitation machine. At the same time, the performance of NdFeB motor is significantly improved. Under the same frame number, the output power and torque of NdFeB motor are 78.6% higher than that of alnico motor, and the efficiency is 62% higher than that of alnico motor.

Application of NdFeB in permanent magnet DC tachogenerator

The nd-fe-nd-fe-b permanent magnet successfully developed by Shanghai Electric Automation Research Institute and its application trend in electric motor the total cost of each motor is about 30% lower than that of using alnico magnetic steel, and it has the advantages of small volume, light weight and convenient assembly. Application of NdFeB in permanent magnet synchronous motor the 3KW NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor developed by Shenyang University of technology has higher efficiency and power factor than asynchronous motor, and its curve is relatively flat, which can save energy in light load or full load. The efficiency of the motor is 86.23%, the power factor is 0.93, the rated current is 5.67a, the locked rotor current multiple is 4.61, the locked rotor torque multiple is 1.94, the temperature rise (resistance method) is 45.1 ℃ and the noise is 65dB.

Production process of NdFeB magnetic tile

Sintered Nd-Fe-B magnetic tile: proportioning – smelting – crushing – pulverizing – isostatic pressing – vacuum sintering and tempering – wire cutting and other processing – electroplating – magnetization.
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