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Where are special shaped magnets?

Where are special shaped magnets?
Special shaped magnets, as the name suggests, must be irregular and unusual magnets. Some ordinary magnets can also be processed into special-shaped magnets, such as cutting an angle and opening a slot.
Where is the special magnet mainly used?
It is reported that special shaped magnets are mainly used in electroacoustic, electrical appliances, motors, mobile phones, magnetic connectors and so on. They are also widely used in all walks of life.
What are the more common special-shaped magnets?
The common special-shaped magnets are concave convex magnets, slotted magnets, corner cutting magnets, big and small head magnets and so on.
How to produce special magnet?
It depends on the specific shape. The material of the magnet is brittle, so the processing procedures are complicated, and there are many kinds of machines used, such as automatic slicer, wire cutting, forming grinder, centerless grinder, drilling machine, etc.
What are the advantages of a special magnet?
Special shaped magnets are widely used in modern industry and electronic technology due to their high cost performance, good mechanical properties, high magnetic energy product and coercivity.



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