China permanent magnet manufacturer:

Where are magnets used?

There are so many problems about where to use magnets. It’s not easy to finish them in a few words. The application of magnets involves almost all walks of life. Let’s talk about them separately.
1. Living around
We use magnets for mobile phones, mobile phone holster, bags on our backs, earphones for listening to songs, TV we watch every day, electric toothbrush for brushing teeth in the morning, electric razor, door stopper on the wall and so on.
2. Packaging products
Such as mobile phone box, moon cake box, tea box, wine box, storage box, etc;
3. Hardware products
Mold, magnetic sucker, machinery, electronic products accessories and so on.
4. Electronic products
Electronic cigarette, folding calculator, compass, router, clarinet, sunglasses with magnet, etc
5. Electrical products
Electric fan, electric rice cooker, magnetized water purifier, electronic coffee machine, DVD / VCD, etc
6. Optoelectronic products
Camera magnet, lens magnet, etc
7. Magnetic absorption products
Magnetic data cable, magnetic connector
8. Motor products
Micro motor, stepping motor, synchronous motor, servo motor, magnet, generator, model aircraft motor, pump motor.
9. Electroacoustic products
Loudspeaker, receiver, microphone, alarm, stage sound, car sound, etc.
10. Mechanical equipment
Magnetic separation, magnetic separator, magnetic crane, magnetic machinery, etc.
11. Health care
Nuclear magnetic resonance instrument, medical equipment, magnetic health care products, magnetic oil saver, etc.
12. Toy magnet
Some toys made of magnetic materials, such as darts, magnetic drawing boards, magnetic building blocks and so on.



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