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What problems should be paid attention to when using magnets?

I remember a long time ago I met a customer who sent me a video of two thin strong magnets on suction, and then said that magnets are easily broken. In fact, this is not the quality of magnets, but the characteristics of magnets. Therefore, I must tell you a few points in the operation and use of magnets.

What problems should be paid attention to when using magnets?

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One, prohibit to suck.
Just said, not only easy to suction magnet off Angle damage, but also scrape the debris to the eye, this need to pay attention to.
Two, pay attention to environmental hygiene.
Magnet can absorb all kinds of iron containing dust, in the production workshop to keep clean, if stick to other substances or dust, not only difficult to clean, and extremely easy to affect the product effect (corrosion resistance, surface gloss), especially used in the product outside. Another is to influence the effect of the products it matches.
Three, should be placed in the wooden or plastic board table.
If it is iron workbench may lead to the magnet together and pull out of the situation, affecting work efficiency.
Four, iron tools should be away from the magnet.
Magnets strongly absorb all kinds of iron, iron tools should be placed far away from the magnet to avoid all kinds of accidents.
A safe distance should be maintained between the two magnets.
If two large magnets are jammed together, they can be dangerous.
Six, the magnet should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment.
Acidic, alkaline, organic solvents, salt water, high temperature and humidity environment easy to make the magnet oxidation, electroplating will fall off, the magnet will be powderized demagnetization.



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