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What materials are commonly used to shield the magnetic field of powerful magnets?

Strong magnet magnetic shielding is widely used in our daily life, for example: motor shell, meter shell, electric cabinet, loudspeaker, etc., all have the function of shielding magnetic field and focusing magnetic field. Shielding materials of strong magnet we often use: iron sheet, steel plate, cast iron, paramagnetic materials, iron powder cloth, non-magnetic magnet and other soft magnetic materials.

Introduction of magnetic field shielding principle of magnet

1565053384543731 - What materials are commonly used to shield the magnetic field of powerful magnets?

The magnetic field has N pole and S pole. N and s are connected. We can’t see a magnetic line of force with a loop with naked eyes. When we shield the magnetic field, we use ferromagnetic material to reflect the magnetic line of force back, so that it can produce a loop with the shortest route. In this way, we can shield part of the magnetic line of force, reduce the magnetic line of force in the space outside the shield, and achieve the magnetic effect of isolating strong magnet The role of fruit.
Practical application of magnetic separation: 0-distance shield, and space distance shield. 0-distance shield is most commonly used. For example, motor belongs to 0-distance shield. When the current passes through the coil, the magnetic field generated by the motor will not leak under the action of the motor shell.



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