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What kind of magnet should permanent magnet motor use?

The operation of the motor will produce huge heat, which is a big problem for the magnet. How to ensure the normal operation of the motor without demagnetization? Choosing the right magnet performance is critical to the material.
Nd-Fe-B powerful magnet: as the most cost-effective permanent magnet, the temperature resistance of Nd-Fe-B is about 200 degrees. While ensuring the magnetic force, it can also fully meet the working temperature requirements of micro motor and ordinary motor. Nd-Fe-B is the common choice of motor magnet, because the performance of Nd-Fe-B is the highest, and its price is moderate and cheap.
Samarium cobalt magnet: samarium cobalt is also a high-performance material. Its temperature resistance is 250 ° to 350 ° and its temperature characteristics are relatively good. Not only such rare earth elements make the magnet have good resistance, but also good resistance to acid-base and magnetic field. Because of the high material, the price of the magnet is relatively expensive. Compared with NdFeB magnets, SmCo magnets are more suitable for working in high temperature environment.
AlNiCo magnet: temperature between 500 ° and 600 ℃. The performance is low and the material is medium. The temperature of 600 ° can meet the operation of almost any motor.
Ferrite magnet: ferrite can be said to be the best temperature resistant material, temperature resistance of 300 degrees is not a problem, to consider is whether the magnetic force can meet the requirements.
The above is about several kinds of magnets commonly used in permanent magnet motors. The magnets used in motors are generally tile magnets. The size and performance of magnets are different according to the requirements of motors.



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