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What kind of magnet material is used for the magnetic bar?

Many friends of magnetic bar may have better understanding. It mainly plays a filtering role. But what we have introduced today is not its use, nor its working principle, but about the materials it uses, including internal and external materials.
Magnetic force of magnetic rod is large and small, mainly because of the different magnetic sources used in its internal, so it leads to differences. Generally, we should choose permanent magnet. Why? Next we will introduce it briefly.

The following figure shows the structure of the magnetic rod.

1554771550788929 - What kind of magnet material is used for the magnetic bar?

Most of the magnetic rods widely used in industry are made of permanent magnet as magnetic source, stainless steel tube wrapped on the surface, and both ends are welded and sealed. The magnetic force is used to sort out the fine iron impurities from the material, so as to improve the material purity and protect the downstream equipment.

What kinds of permanent magnets are commonly used for magnetic rods?

The commonly used materials are NdFeB, ferrite and SmCo. Among them, NdFeB is the most commonly used material. Because of its high cost performance and strong magnetic force, many customers require that NdFeB should be used for those with 10000 GS or more.
As for the service life of the magnetic rod, it depends on the service condition. The magnetic rod of the internal magnetic rod manufacturer can work for about 1.5 years under heavy load and about 8 years under light load. It depends on the service condition.
The above is about the materials used in the magnetic bar. I hope it can help you. Next time, I will introduce why the two ends of the magnetic bar are so strong, and what is the secret.



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