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What kind of magnet is Y35?

1525767235807766 - What kind of magnet is Y35?

Y35 is one of many grades of ferrite. Just like N35 sintered NdFeB, when it comes to N35, it is known as NdFeB. Y35 also means this. It is only the ferrite material, which is not known by all! So Y35 is a permanent magnet ferrite magnet.
How about the magnetic force of Y35 magnet?
Y35 is the high grade of ferrite magnet, just like N48 and N50 in NdFeB magnets, its performance is relatively high, so the customers used are relatively few. [Y35 has stronger magnetic force than Y30]
Is ferrite Y35 much higher than Y30?
High performance, material prices are naturally relatively expensive, specific prices and magnet specifications. Quantity and difficulty of magnet processing are related.
What is the demagnetization curve of Y35?
The demagnetization curve of ferrite of each brand is different.
What is the difference between y35+ and Y35?
Y35h is a high coercivity brand, Y35 is a common performance.
What are the shapes of Y35 magnets?
Ferrite magnets, like NdFeB, can be circular, square, circular, tile and irregular shaped.
What products are Y35 mostly used for?
Mainly used in some high requirements, high price products, some speakers with Y35 magnet is also available.



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