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What kind of magnet is used for loudspeakers?

There is a magnet on the horn. I think we all know what role does the magnet play on the horn?

1. What is a horn magnet?
In short, it is the magnet in the horn device, which is called horn magnet for short.
2. What does the magnet do to the horn?
There is a coil (voice coil) on the paper basin of the loudspeaker. When the audio signal is added to the voice coil, the current, current intensity, direction, etc. will be changed, and the voice coil will change its position in the magnetic field. The vibration of the voice coil will drive the paper basin to vibrate and the air to vibrate, and the loudspeaker will sound.
3. Is the louder the horn magnet, the louder the sound?
A lot of people said that they were sure. In fact, it’s not the case. The bigger the magnet, the better. Because the magnet can be divided into high density, low density, strong magnetism, weak magnetism and so on. If it’s a low density and weak magnet, its effect will not be good, and it’s not convenient to install because of its large volume.
4. What kind of magnet is used for loudspeaker (stereo) to improve sound quality?
Ferrite magnets and NdFeB permanent magnets are commonly used for magnetic horn. Ferrite permanent magnet is mainly used for middle and low-grade earphones. NdFeB permanent magnet is used for high-grade earphones. It has excellent sound quality, good elasticity, good details, good human voice quality and accurate sound field positioning.
Weor: today’s Shanzhai units are made of garbage magnets.
N56532: I feel that the magnetic force is not proportional to the size of the magnetic steel, the magnet is not the same! Strong magnetic force, excellent control, but there should be a degree of balance! AKG: in a word, the magnet size of the horn is determined by the design of the horn, not to save the cost of the magnet.
Kucl: it’s not the bigger the better. It’s the material of the magnetic steel. To suit the design parameters of the horn, you can see how big the magnetic steel of the horn with strong magnetism is.



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