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What kind of magnet is the rotor inside the servo motor?

What is the rotor inside the servo motor?

The rotor inside the servo motor is a permanent magnet. The so-called permanent magnet refers to the permanent magnet with permanent magnetic pole and magnetic field strength. The servo motor is mainly made of magnetic steel (magnetic tile), as shown in the figure below:

1460527316201977 - What kind of magnet is the rotor inside the servo motor?

Next, I will talk about some knowledge about servo motor magnet:

  • 1. Is the servo motor rotor magnet glued?
  • Servo motor rotor magnet must be glued, many types of glue, such as Kr high temperature resistant series adhesive, abglue, etc.
  • 2. Why don’t the rotors of servo motors use electromagnets instead of permanent magnets?
  • This netizen is so reply, electricity is expensive, and limited current and limited space, can produce magnetic field is not necessarily stronger than permanent magnet.
  • 3. What kind of magnet is used by the servo motor of the hard disk head?

The servo motor of hard disk head is voice coil motor. Like the common permanent magnet synchronous motor, the magnet material is rare earth permanent magnet NdFeB.
The u/v/w three-phase electric field controlled by the servo driver forms electromagnetic field. The rotor rotates under the action of the magnetic field. At the same time, the encoder feedback signal provided by the motor is sent to the driver. The driver compares the feedback value with the target value, adjusts the rotation angle of the rotor, and the precision of the servo motor depends on the encoder precision (line number).
PS: when servo motor works, oil and water shall be avoided. Servo motor is not a full waterproof equipment, and it is not suitable to be put in water or oil invasion environment. When connected to the reducer, the user should pay attention to prevent the oil from entering the motor, and pay attention to the cable contacting with oil and water.



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