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What is the orientation of NdFeB?

Some friends may not know the orientation of the magnet. The direction in which anisotropic magnets can obtain the best magnetic performance is called the orientation direction of the magnet. To put it simply, it is a magnetization direction of the magnet. For example, for a square NdFeB magnet, the magnetic field intensity is the largest only in the orientation direction, and much smaller in the other two directions. When you draw several magnets together, the oriented magnets can only be drawn in one direction, not arbitrarily. The work of this orientation is carried out when the blank is pressed. This also limits the size of the magnet blank, especially the height of the magnetization direction (generally the working direction, that is, the direction of the NS pole).
At present, the reasonable height of magnetization direction is generally no more than 35mm. High performance, generally no more than 30mm. So, what if you need a magnet with a large size in the direction of magnetization? You can stack several magnets together, and the effect is similar to the series connection in an electric field. Of course, this way in the actual use of little significance, the use of few.

Introduction to orientation pictures of NdFeB wafers and squares

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The above is about the orientation of NdFeB, sintered NdFeB permanent magnet is anisotropic magnet, so you need to confirm the orientation direction of magnet (magnetization direction) before contacting magnet manufacturer for proofing or mass production, which is very important.



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