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What is the main role of LED ceiling lamp magnetic column?

LED ceiling lamp magnet also known as LED ceiling lamp magnetic column, transformation of lamp magnet, LED magnet, etc., different people also have different names for it, today we are not to introduce the name of ceiling lamp magnet, but to share the role of LED ceiling lamp magnet magnetic column, why use it, what are the characteristics?

What are the characteristics of the magnetic column of LED ceiling lamp magnet?

LED ceiling lamp magnet is widely used in the installation and maintenance of LED ceiling lamp, instead of screws and other traditional fixing methods. Greatly improved installation costs.
This kind of magnet is usually used to adsorb the lamp board on the lamp generally more than three, one end is locked on the lamp board (aluminum substrate plate or PCB board with LED), the other end is adsorbed on the iron sheet of the lamp, in addition: this magnet is usually used in the transformation of LED lamps, commonly used for absorbing the ceiling light.

LED magnet magnetic column is installed in the LED display, ceiling light and other products in the hardware accessories, installed in the ceiling light inside, the appearance of the lamp design for the upper is flat, installed close to the roof, like adsorption on the roof, so called ceiling light.

20151204 111441 - What is the main role of LED ceiling lamp magnetic column?

The inspiration that absorbs dome lamp magnet comes from “pot magnetism”, pot magnetism comes from the classical design of Germany, it is by magnet and ferric shell constitute magnetic circuit, the magnetic nest that ferric shell and magnet form, make magnetic doubling increase, derive powerful magnetic force.
Magnetic pot has the following characteristics:

  • 1. powerful magnetic force, compact size.
  • 2. the strong magnetic force is only concentrated on one side, the other three sides almost no magnetism, the magnet is not easy to break.
  • 3. the magnetic force is equal to five times the magnet of the same volume.
  • 4. can be freely adsorbed on the surface of iron metal.
  • 5. Magnetic force permanent, long service life.


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