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What is the magnetic relation between the magnetizing energy and magnetic force of magnetic steel?

Magnetizing machine is to magnetize and magnetize the magnet of magnetic material or magnetic device, so how to determine the energy of magnetizing machine? Firstly, according to the size and magnetization direction of the magnetized product magnet, determine the size of the magnetizing tooling, and then calculate the size of the central magnetic field of the tooling. The size of the magnetic field of the tooling should be 3-5 times of the coercivity of the magnet, generally 2.5 times. Finally, calculate the magnetization current, and finally determine the energy storage capacity of the magnetizer according to the current and the voltage of the magnetizer, and finally determine the energy of the magnetizer .

What is the relationship between magnetizing energy of magnetizer and magnetic steel?

1551410488170734 - What is the magnetic relation between the magnetizing energy and magnetic force of magnetic steel?

The size of the magnet and the grade of the magnet determine the energy of the demagnetizer. Because the magnetic energy product of magnetic steel is different according to different grades, the magnetic energy level is proportional to the energy stored by magnetic materials. The magnetic energy products of different magnetic steel are different between the same batch or different batch and different brands, so the energy stored after magnetizing is different. The magnetic field strength of magnet is different after magnetization.
The magnetic field strength is not only related to the internal magnetic energy product of the material, but also to the shape, thickness, magnetization saturation and orientation of the material.



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