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What is the isotropy and heteroscedasticity of ferrite magnets?

Ferrite permanent magnets are made of two kinds of materials, i.e. equal squareness and heterosquareness. There are two kinds of manufacturing methods: dry pressing and wet pressing. Due to cheap raw materials and easy mass production, it is the most widely used material in the market.

The so-called equirhombic magnetite is formed by powder metallurgy with fine particles without any magnetic field arrangement. It can be magnetized in a variety of ways according to customers’ requirements. But the disadvantage is that the magnetic beam density is weak, and some applications may not meet the magnetic requirements set by customers.

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Ferrite magnet
The so-called heterorhombic magnetite is just opposite to the isorhombic magnetite. It uses fine powder to form a fixed axial or radial magnetic field by using the arrangement of high-voltage magnetic field. After the completion of this kind of magnetite, it can only be magnetized according to the arrangement of magnetic field during forming, and can not change its fixed magnetization direction. Its advantages are strong magnetic force and high magnetic retention. It is a ferrite magnetite The mainstream of the market.
The main difference of ferrite magnet’s isotropy and heteroscedasticity:


  • 1. The raw material is granular, about 3 ~ 4 μ m in size.
  • 2. When forming, the raw materials are not magnetized.
  • 3. It can be magnetized in any direction.
  • 4. Magnetized according to the thickness direction, the magnetic force is about 500 ~ 800 Gauss.


  • 1. The raw material is in powder form with the size of about 0.85 ± 0.1 μ M.
  • 2. During forming, the powder is arranged by magnetization.
  • 3. When magnetizing, it needs a certain direction, such as axial or radial direction And so on.
  • 4. Magnetized according to the thickness direction, the magnetic force is about 800 ~ 1400 Gauss.

Ferrite and other square molding magnet: mostly single-sided magnetic, widely used for refrigerator suction magnet, as one of the gift components.
Ferrite heterogonal mold pressing magnet: it has two sides of magnetic force, slightly strong force, and is widely used in electronics, toys, industry, furniture, stationery, gifts, etc. it can be used in products such as micro motor, generator, variable frequency motor, scrap iron separator, buzzer, magnetic tool, fastener element, inductive element, Dy image adjustment, health magnetic therapy, loudspeaker, door stop, sink, etc Water pump, automatic components, movement, magnetic suction seat, etc.
PS: ferrite has the advantages of easy magnetization, electroplating or paint baking, low cost, moderate delivery time, medium magnetic strength, one-sided or multipolar magnetic materials can be made according to customer needs, easy to obtain, mass production, etc.



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