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What is the function of the magnetic stripe of the sweeping robot?

What is the function of the magnetic stripe of the sweeping robot? I saw such a problem when searching for the magnetic stripe of the sweeper, and I didn’t see any related articles to solve it. So, this article will tell you the function of the magnetic stripe of the sweeper, how to cut it and its advantages.
What is the function of the magnetic stripe of the sweeping robot?
The magnetic strip here refers to the rubber magnet, a relatively weak magnet. Its main function is to play the role of virtual wall, and lay the virtual wall of the magnetic strip flat (note that it is flat!) It can be used in places where it is needed, such as at the door or under the carpet. When the sweeper comes to the magnetic strip, it will automatically sense, so that it can work along the magnetic strip instead of crossing the past, thus solving a function of restricting the entry of the sweeper.

How to cut the magnetic strip of sweeping robot?

Magnetic strip is a roll of strip-shaped magnetic products. The cutting of virtual magnetic strip is very simple. Cut the magnetic strip according to the side length of the barrier area you need, and stick the magnetic strip on the corresponding position of the floor with double-sided adhesive tape. Note that the magnetic strip can only be cut lengthways, not transversely into thin strips, which will lead to insufficient magnetic strength and cannot block the sweeper. If the length of the magnetic strip is not enough, buy 2 more to connect them. It’s better not to leave a gap in the middle.
Precautions for use of magnetic stripe of sweeper:

  • 1. The virtual wall must be more than 10cm away from the obstacle, because the sensor of the sweeping robot is below, so it needs to lean out a little to sense.
  • 2. For places like staircases and toilet doors, there is usually a small step. The correct way is to leave a distance in front of the step and stick a virtual magnetic strip, not under the corner platform of the step. Generally, the place where you need to set up a virtual wall in your home often has footmats or decorated dark doorstones. You can make full use of these things and stick them on the dark area of the doorstones or the edge of the footmats. They are beautiful and regular. Save Virgo. Without these words can also be as close as possible to the floor gap and tile edge laying, visual effect is better.
  • 3. The effect of magnetic stripe virtual wall under the extra thick carpet will be weakened, so you should pay attention to it when you use it.

What are the advantages of the magnetic stripe of the sweeping robot?

  • 1. No battery required
  • 2. Low cost, low price
  • 3. It’s easy to learn. It can be placed at will. There are many isolation zones.


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