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What is the difference between demagnetized magnet and non demagnetized magnet?

Demagnetization of strong magnet, which is often encountered by a magnet manufacturer? Why demagnetization? There are many reasons? For example, the magnet salesman didn’t understand the actual needs of the customer. The customer didn’t want to magnetize and deliver the goods. As a result, the product was magnetized. For another example, the electroplating factory will require nickel plated magnets plated into zinc, customers do not accept, back plating is also the need for demagnetization. And so on, there are still a lot of cases, so what are the differences between demagnetized magnets and the original magnets without demagnetization? Many people will be more concerned about this issue. Let’s talk about it.

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After the demagnetization of the magnet, the magnetic molecular structure of the magnet will change significantly, which will lead to the weakening of the magnetic force of the magnet compared with the ordinary magnet. And after repeated magnetization, the magnetic force will become weaker and weaker. Therefore, we can not magnetize the demagnetized magnet for many times, we can only demagnetize it again, otherwise the magnetic force of the magnet will not meet the use demand.
The original magnet has not been demagnetized at high temperature, the magnetic structure molecules have not changed, and the magnetic properties are relatively stable, but high temperature should be avoided, because high temperature will change the molecular structure of the magnet.



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