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What is the better conductivity on the surface of magnet?

It is said that magnets can conduct electricity? So which magnets can conduct electricity? What kind of magnet can’t conduct electricity? What is the principle?

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Although the name of iron contains the word “iron”, in fact, magnets do not belong to iron completely, and the material composition of each material is different, as far as the physical property of magnets is concerned – electrical conductivity. Different kinds of magnets have different conductivity.
As we know, magnets include: NdFeB magnets, permanent ferrite magnets, SmCo magnets, AlNiCo magnets and FeCrCo magnets.
However, not all of the five kinds of magnets can conduct electricity. For example, ferrite magnets can not conduct electricity. The other four kinds of magnets can conduct electricity, but the conductivity depends on the composition of each magnet.
Which kind of magnet conducts electricity better?
Ferrite generally does not conduct electricity, Nd-Fe-B magnetic steel generally conducts electricity, and Fe Ni Co conducts electricity well. Rare earth, Nd-Fe-B, and the conductivity of the magnet is better when nickel copper nickel is plated on the surface.



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