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What is soft rubber magnet? What is the difference between the grades of soft rubber magnets?

The soft rubber magnet material is mainly made of ferrite magnetic powder mixed with rubber raw materials, so it has the magnetic force of the magnet and the softness of the rubber, the surface is wear-resistant and scratch resistant, and it is easy to roll up and store, so it is widely used in magnetic advertising products and educational supplies.

In terms of grade, it can be divided into two categories: equal squareness (RM1) and different squareness (RM2). Under the same size, the different squareness is stronger than the equal squareness, and the equal squareness is usually magnetized by one side multipole magnetization (one side has magnetic force), while the different squareness can be magnetized not only by one side multipole magnetization (two sides have magnetic force, one side is strong and one side is weak), but also by thickness magnetization (one side one pole).

The following table shows the magneto pneumatic characteristics of soft rubber magnets:

Characteristic Residual magnetic beam density Magnetic retention Internal magnetic force Maximum magnetic energy product Remarks
Br bHc iHc (BH)max
Grade Gauss mT Oe KA/m Oe KA/m MGOe KJ/m3
RM-11 1600 160 1250 100 2100 167 0.63 5 Isotropy
RM-12 1500 150 1150 92 2400 191 0.45 3.6 Isotropy
RM-13 1600 160 1200 96 1500 119 0.6 4.7 Isotropy
RM-21 2600 260 2300 183 2880 230 1.6 12.6 Heterogeneity
RM-22 2450 245 2200 175 2600 207 1.4 11.1 Heterogeneity
RM-23 2400 240 2000 159 2400 191 1.35 10.7 Heterogeneity

The following are the physical properties of soft rubber magnets:

Characteristic Isotropy Heterogeneity
Working temperature -5 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ -40 ℃ ~ +100 ℃
Density 3.60~4.00 g/cm3 3.50~3.70 g/cm3
Tensile strength 20~100 Kg/cm3 75~90 Kg/cm3
Hardness 50~54 Hv 30~45 Shore D



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