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What is second class NdFeB magnet?

Are magnets second class?

Yes, in the production process of NdFeB magnets, there will be a variety of losses and defective products. For products that do not affect the use, people in the industry call them second-class NdFeB magnets.
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Introduction to the causes of Nd-Fe-B magnets

1. Sintering
In the sintering process, due to improper operation of workers. There will be performance failure.
For example, the formula is n42, but after testing, only the performance of N38 is produced, and this kind of rough products become second-class products. But if the customer only needs the performance of N38, it will not affect its use.
2. Machining
Products have a tolerance requirement, beyond which they will become second class products.
For example, if the disc NdFeB magnet is 10 * 5 ± 0.05mm, the processed product becomes 10 * 4.94, which is called second-class product.
For some users, the tolerance requirement is not high, and the tolerance of ± 0.1, then the second-class products will become authentic products.
3. Electroplating
Users who have higher requirements for coating will have higher requirements for coating and surface. That is, there is no defect, such as missing angle, on the contrary, a little is called second-class product, which does not affect its performance.



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