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What is magnetism?

How much do you know about the concept of magnetism? This article will give you a brief introduction.

Magnetism is known to all, many people think that magnetism is the nature of a magnet. In fact, it is very one-sided. For any magnet, it is magnetic and magnetic is common.

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When there is no external magnetic field, the atomic magnetic moment inside the magnetic material has been arranged in a direction in each small region, and spontaneously reaches saturation to form a combined magnetic moment. These small regions are called magnetic domains. The magnetic material is divided into many magnetic domains. The magnetic moments of these domains take different directions. The magnetic effects cancel each other and do not show macroscopic magnetism. If the magnetic material is placed in an external magnetic field, under the action of the external magnetic field, the magnetic moments of many domains which have been highly spontaneously magnetized are changed from their different directions to the directions of the external magnetic field, then the material presents a strong magnetism. This is the magnetization process of magnetic material. When the magnetism of a magnetic material reaches saturation, the magnetic moments of all the original domains in different directions completely change to the direction of the external magnetic field; after removing the external magnetic field, the magnetic moments of the domains do not return to their respective directions before magnetization due to the effect of magnetocrystalline anisotropy, so there are still components in the direction of the magnetic field, showing a strong and stable magnetism, which is remanence.



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