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What is an induction magnet?

What is an induction magnet?

Induction magnet, the name thought, mainly plays an induction role, the common code induction magnet, Hall induction magnet, magnetic door lock induction magnet, such as the principle of magnet induction switch: through the distance of the magnet switch, to control the switch on and off, is usually close to the switch on, and vice versa.

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An inductive magnet can be thought of as a magnet that temporarily attracts others. The magnetic moment of the magnetic material was originally arranged in disorder, so that the N pole and S pole of the magnetic moment cancel each other and are not magnetic. When other magnetic permanent magnets close to, will make the magnetic moment arrangement becomes very neat and produce magnetism, so called “induction magnet”; When other permanent magnets with magnetic properties are far away, the magnetic moment remains in order and remains magnetic.
“Induction magnet” and “permanent magnet” the biggest difference is that the induction of magnet magnetization direction is easy because the other has the magnetism of permanent magnet close to change, so we use this material to make the need to change the direction of magnetization technology products, such as: soft disk drive, Floppy disk, Hard disk drive (Hard disk), magnetic random access memory (MRAM), etc. The magnetization direction of permanent magnets is not easy to change, so it can only be used to make products that need to fix the direction of the magnetic field.



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