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What is a single sided magnet?

Magnets have two poles, but in some working positions need a single-sided pole magnet, so we need to use iron sheet to wrap one side of the magnet, so that the magnetism wrapped by iron sheet is shielded, through the refraction of iron sheet to the other side of the magnet, so that the magnetic force of the other side of the magnet is enhanced, such magnets are collectively referred to as single-sided magnet or single-sided magnet, in fact, there is no real single-sided magnet.

20151212 101749 - What is a single sided magnet?

Single sided magnet material

The materials used for single-sided magnets are generally rare-earth NdFeB magnets, and the shape of NdFeB powerful magnets used for single-sided magnets is generally circular.

Application of single side magnet

  • 1. Printed matter industry is widely used in gift boxes, mobile phone boxes, tobacco and wine boxes, mobile phone boxes, MP3 boxes, moon cake boxes and other products, there are single-sided magnets.
  • 2. Leather goods are widely used in the industry, such as bags, briefcases, travel bags, mobile phone covers, wallets and so on.
  • 3. Stationery industry is widely used, notebook, whiteboard buckle, folder, magnetic name plate and so on have the existence of single-sided magnet.

Matters needing attention in purchasing single side magnet

The production of single-sided magnet is to manually put NdFeB magnet into the iron sheet. The time cycle is long, and the magnet manufacturers who need to purchase need to place an order in advance.
There are many specifications of single-sided magnet, our company can customize it according to your actual requirements. If you need, please contact us by telephone.



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