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What is a pressing magnet?

What is a pressing magnet?

Pressed magnet is the result of bonding between thermoplastic adhesive and permanent magnet powder (i.e. ferrite, neodymium and / or samarium cobalt). It can be divided into isotropic magnet and anisotropic full density magnet.

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The manufacturing process of this type of magnet is very different from that of traditional sintering and bonding. After a series of unique manufacturing processes, the hot pressed magnet has fine glass grains. Even if neodymium is pressed, the magnetic properties of hot pressed magnets are much higher than those of traditional bonded magnets.
This type of magnet has excellent heat resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 180 ℃ during operation. The hot pressing and deformation technology does not need positioning mechanism in the forming process, and the flexibility and magnetic declination of the magnetic pole completely depend on the magnetization process.

What are the advantages of pressed magnets?

The maximum radial magnetic energy product of the magnetic ring is 240-390kj / m3. Strict tolerances can be achieved, thus facilitating its balance and assembly. The waveform of pressed magnets is determined by the magnetization process, and their nanocrystalline structure and higher density can ensure that they have greater corrosion resistance.
Similarly, compared with other types of magnets, pressed magnets also have some disadvantages, such as more equipment investment than other magnets, more complex manufacturing process, low production efficiency, limited freedom of form and so on.

What are the applications of hot pressed magnets?

The hot pressed magnet can help the engine run smoothly. It is used for electric power steering (EPS) of motor, AC / DC servo motor, electric tools, etc.



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