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What is a high precision magnet?

High precision magnet means high requirements for magnets, such as high performance and high requirements, which are mainly reflected in the tolerance, processing difficulty and accuracy of magnets. People often say that high precision magnets are mainly made of NdFeB magnetic materials, which can be used for grinding, electric pulse, wire cutting, grinding, etc.

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Generally, the normal standard tolerance of NdFeB magnets is plus or minus 0.05mm. With the gradual progress of science and technology, some customers’ products have become quite strict, so the requirements for magnets are also very high. For example, the tolerance of magnets with diameter of 3 is only 2 wires, that is, 2.98-3.00mm. Or the thickness is very thin, such as 0.3mm, 0.4mm, this kind of customer Xiaobian encountered, useful in automation control, also useful in galvanometer.

How about the price of high precision NdFeB magnets?

If the magnet is difficult to be processed manually, the scrap rate will be high, and the price will be much higher than that of ordinary magnets. It depends on the specification, quantity and complexity of your magnet.



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