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What influence does neodymium iron boron have after oxidation?

We all know more about rare earth NdFeB. The main reason for choosing it is that it has strong magnetism, but it is easy to corrosion and oxidation. Some netizens will ask, what are the effects of oxidation of NdFeB strong magnetic magnets, such as magnetism?
This is mainly divided into long term and short term. If NdFeB strong magnet rusts for a short period of time, it will not have any effect on the magnetic force, so a small number of customers are not so high on the magnet, and do not need surface treatment.

In the long run, when the plating is damaged and parts of it are oxidized, its magnetism is weakened.

1598582182623900 - What influence does neodymium iron boron have after oxidation?

In summary, the oxidation of NdFeB magnet will not affect its magnetism in the short term. In the long term, there will be a weakening of the magnetic force. Moreover, if the NdFeB magnet is exposed, the appearance of oxidation is not so beautiful.
In general, NdFeB is generally galvanized or nickel plated. Zinc plating is a cost-effective choice. Nickel plating has better anti-corrosion properties than it.



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