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What good storage method does strong magnetic NdFeB have?

As we all know, magnets are also called magnetite. They are natural and artificial. They both have strong magnetism, but they have spontaneous magnetization. Therefore, the preservation of strong magnets is particularly important. How to preserve the magnetism for a long time?
What should we pay attention to when storing powerful magnets?

Strong magnet, the general default NdFeB magnet, how to preserve the NdFeB magnetic material

1. NdFeB magnet should not be close to the electronic equipment, because the magnet itself has positive and negative poles, and there is a circuit circuit. If it is close, it will affect the use of electronic equipment and control circuit.

2. Do not store the magnet in a humid environment to avoid oxidation, which may cause changes in appearance, physical properties and magnetic properties.
3. People who are sensitive to metal objects will have rough and red skin if they approach the magnet. If the above reaction occurs, please do not touch the magnet.
4. Do not put the magnet close to floppy disk, hard disk drive, credit card, tape, memory card, TV tube, etc. If the magnet is close to the magnetic recorder and other devices, the recorded data will be affected or even destroyed.
If you want not to weaken the magnetism of the magnet, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • 1. The magnet must not be placed around the strong current
  • 2. The magnet can’t be roasted on the fire, after high temperature;
  • 3. The magnet cannot be knocked and vibrated violently;
  • 4. The small magnet cannot be put together with the large magnet;
  • 5. A piece of soft iron should be added to the two poles of the hoof magnet to connect the two poles, and the north and south poles of the adjacent magnets should be inverted.
  • 6. Small magnets (such as magnetic needles) can not be placed together with large magnets; generally, as long as the working environment temperature of NdFeB magnetic material is controlled within the required range of temperature resistance value of the used rare earth strong magnetic material, the demagnetization of NdFeB magnet can be ignored, because it is very small.

In the preservation of NdFeB magnets, the requirement for the environment is to be dry. In addition, the NdFeB magnets should not be exposed to chemicals such as acid and alkali, so as to prevent the NdFeB magnets from being affected by corrosion and rust. So the neodymium iron boron magnetic material placed on a layer of wood, to avoid moisture, or have a good effect.
PS: always be very careful when storing the magnets, because the magnets will be adsorbed together by themselves, which may hurt the fingers. When the magnets are adsorbed to each other, they may also damage the magnets themselves due to collision (collision of corners or cracks).



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