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What factors will the quality of NdFeB magnets be affected?

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, frequency conversion air conditioning, energy-saving wind power equipment, energy-saving elevator, robot industry and so on, the demand for NdFeB strong magnet is more and more vigorous, so what factors will affect the quality of strong magnet NdFeB?
First of all, the quality of magnet raw materials determines the performance of the magnet. The materials used by magnet manufacturers should meet the national standards.
Secondly, whether advanced technology is used in the production process (the current advanced technology is scale casting skills, hydrogen crushing skills and air flow grinding skills), Nd-Fe-B powerful magnets have various shapes and sizes, which are very different for different shapes and sizes. Generally, it is difficult to form at one time in production, and they have to go through cutting, electroplating and other processes. The shape, dimension and tolerance have great influence on the quality of the strong magnet.
Thirdly, whether the quality control is in place.

The figure below is a strong magnet coated with gray epoxy NdFeB, welcome to customize proofing.

1546907922976961 - What factors will the quality of NdFeB magnets be affected?

Finally, the treatment of magnet coating. Because the surface of NdFeB magnet without surface treatment is easy to corrode and rust, it is necessary to electroplate the strong magnet to make a protective layer on the surface of the magnet, so that the service life of the magnet will be long. Electroplating is to coat a layer of barrier material on the surface of the magnet to prevent external substances from corroding the magnet. Generally, there are nickel plating and zinc plating, but in some special cases, phosphating method will be used. Therefore, customers should choose coating process according to their own product requirements.
In the purchase of strong magnetic NdFeB, we must first test the sample, so as to ensure that the purchase of strong magnet is infallible.



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