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What are the machining features and processes of sintered NdFeB products?

Machining characteristics and process introduction of sintered NdFeB products

Due to the influence of production factors, the dimension accuracy of NdFeB billet can not directly meet the customer’s requirements, so it needs to be processed later to meet the customer’s requirements. For some special-shaped or slicing machine can not directly slice with wire cutting machine (wire cutting machine); for circular and small square slice with slicer, for higher accuracy or CPK requirements also need double-sided grinder processing (slicer, double-sided grinder); can not be directly pressed small cylinder need to be cut into small square with square first, and then square rounding (small centerless grinding); Some products need small holes to be drilled, and those with holes above Ф 6 can be holed (punching machine, holing machine); shaped and pressed cylinders (below Ф 80) can be ground with centerless mill (centerless mill); cylinders larger than 80mm are generally finished with holing equipment; square blocks need to be ground with large vertical mill or flat mill, or double-sided mill equipment; Some special-shaped products can also be completed with direct bushing; for large products, manual chamfering is generally adopted, while for small products, electroplating vibration chamfering is adopted.



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