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What are the common thicknesses of ferrite sheet (flexible magnetic sheet)?

Ferrite magnet is a non-metallic magnetic material. Its manufacturing process is mainly made of iron oxide and other metal oxides. Its relative permeability can be as high as several thousand, its resistivity is 1011 times of metal, and its eddy current loss is small. It is suitable for making high-frequency electromagnetic devices. Now it is a non-metallic magnetic material which is widely used in the field of high frequency and weak current.
There are many kinds of ferrite, among which permanent ferrite is also a common material, mainly because it can retain strong magnetic properties for a long time, can be used for a long time and generate magnetic field, which is also the reason why it is called permanent ferrite.
Ferrite sheet is a magnetic film used for NFC antenna to resist metal shielding interference and enhance the sensitivity of induced signal reception. 13.56MHz antenna ferrite sheet / film is a high temperature sintered ferrite material. In handheld devices such as NFC payment mobile phones, the main function of electronic tags is to reduce the absorption of signal magnetic field by metal materials. At the same time, the ferrite film itself is a kind of high-temperature sintered ferrite material, which can effectively increase the sensing distance by increasing the magnetic field strength.
RFID | NFC anti metal material ferrite sheet is a kind of functional composite material which mainly absorbs electromagnetic wave. It can eliminate the back and forth reflection of electromagnetic wave in the shielding cavity, reduce the interference of clutter to its own equipment, and effectively prevent the interference and injury of electromagnetic radiation to surrounding equipment and personnel. It is an advanced means to eliminate electromagnetic wave pollution.
The common thickness of ferrite sheet includes: 0.08mm0.1mm 0.2mm 0.3mm, NFC ferrite sheet here, refers to flexible magnetic sheet, non sintered ferrite hard magnetic sheet, its single-sided gum texture is soft, the product is smooth and the ultra-thin thickness ranges from 0.15mm to 0.5mm, the permeability of NFC ferrite magnetic sheet can be as high as 35 at the electromagnetic wave frequency of 13.56MHz, the role of NFC soft magnetic sheet in NFC equipment has two or one isolation metal, to prevent communication wave and metal skin effect The loss of electromagnetic energy and the increase of “positive energy” of magnetic field make the reader and a transponder have high sensitivity and long reading distance.



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