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What are the common elevator motors?

Elevator is the necessary infrastructure for high-rise buildings, stations and shopping malls, including some later construction factories. Cargo elevator is also used to complete the transportation of goods. According to the actual use and working conditions of elevator, the common motors include single speed squirrel cage induction motor, double speed cage induction motor, double speed double winding winding rotor induction motor, and other induction motors for AC adjustment elevator. Elevator motor is classified by power supply and DC traction motor.
As the power supply factor of elevator, motor acts together with other parts and control system. Electromagnetic braking motor is one of the common types of elevator. With the development and improvement of elevator, permanent magnet motor has become the first choice for elevator supporting, mainly because PMSM is easy to make low speed and high power. It has compact structure and complete functions. It is easy to install and easy to use.

Elevator and its common motor

Elevator refers to permanent transportation equipment serving several specific floors in the building, with its car running in at least two rows of rigid rail moving perpendicular to horizontal plane or inclined angle of plumb line less than 15 °. There are also steps, treadmill board installed on the track to run continuously, commonly known as escalator or sidewalk. Fixed lifting equipment serving specified floors.
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The vertical lift lift has a car running between at least two vertical or rigid rails with a tilt angle less than 15 °. The car size and structure form facilitate passengers to enter and unload goods. In general, no matter how it is driven, elevator is used as the general term of vertical transportation in buildings. According to the speed, it can be divided into low-speed elevator, fast elevator and high-speed elevator.
Elevator as an important part of high-rise building, has brought more convenience and convenience to people’s life. The traditional elevator traction machine mostly adopts the combination of asynchronous motor with reducer as the driving system of elevator. In recent years, with the continuous development of permanent magnet synchronous motor with small volume, light weight, high efficiency, good dynamic performance, energy saving and environmental protection, the combination of asynchronous motor with speed reduction box has been gradually replaced. High performance permanent magnet synchronous motor has become the driving power of elevator first of all.
The elevator motor usually adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is mainly because it is easy to make low speed and high power. It has compact structure and complete functions. It is easy to install and easy to use. Especially in the development and application of inorganic elevator, the permanent magnet synchronous traction motor is installed in the elevator shaft, which not only saves the construction cost of the machine room, but also beautifies the appearance of the building. When the load of elevator changes, the PMSM can adapt to the angle by adjusting the angle, and its response speed is very fast.
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In order to make the elevator have good starting and braking comfort and layer accuracy, the accurate rotor position device and voltage and current detection device are added in the system to determine the size and direction of the motor magnetic field at any time. The position detection device adopts the rotor position sensor. The car load detection device can adopt position type, pressure type and other forms to pre measure and calculate the elevator load, give the torque of the right direction and size, and output the switch quantity, analog quantity and frequency quantity.

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