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What are the advantages of neodymium magnet as epoxy coating?

About the coating of powerful magnet, the common ones are zinc plating, nickel plating and epoxy resin. I believe many friends don’t understand it. Some may not have seen or heard about this coating for the first time.

Epoxy resin is a coating of resin paint on the surface of NdFeB magnet after nickel plating. Epoxy resin electrophoresis is divided into metal electrodeposition (Ni / Cu) backing + epoxy resin electrophoresis layer and direct epoxy resin plating on the magnet substrate.

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Where is the magnet with epoxy resin surface treatment mainly used?

Mainly used in strict elevator, compressor, motor and other fields.

What are the characteristics of epoxy coated magnets?

  • 1. High temperature resistance 380 ℃. (temperature resistance of non magnet)
  • 2. Solvent resistant.
  • 3. Multi color. We usually see black epoxy, in fact, there are other colors, but not common, such as gray, red and other colors.
  • 4. No hang point.
  • 5. Salt spray resistance 72h.
  • 6. Coating thickness 15-25um.



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