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What are the advantages of NdFeB magnets for motors?

We found that a large part of motors use NdFeB magnets. Why? What are the advantages of using NdFeB?

Advantages of tile NdFeB magnet for motor

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The permanent magnet motor with NdFeB magnet as motor magnet has small size, light weight, high torque inertia ratio, high response of servo system, high power and speed / weight ratio, high starting torque, saving electricity. In addition, some will use SmCo magnet and permanent ferrite as motor magnet.
The shape of motor magnet is tile, square, ring or trapezoid, which is used in different motor, such as permanent magnet motor, AC motor, DC motor, servo motor, linear motor, brushless motor, etc.
Both at home and abroad, the demand of motor magnet is very large, and magnet is its core component. Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet materials are widely used in micro and special motors, small and medium-sized motors and large generators. In order to achieve the same air gap magnetic field, the volume of NdFeB magnet is smaller than that of the original magnetic field pole, no loss and no heating. Therefore, in order to get the same output characteristics, the volume and weight of the whole machine can be reduced a lot; or the output power can be increased a lot with the same volume and weight.



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