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What are the advantages of electromagnet? Where are they mainly used?

Electromagnet, not permanent magnet produced by our factory, is still very different. John has been asked by customers to find us with electromagnets many times. Unfortunately, our company does not produce such electromagnets. Today, we are talking about the advantages and uses of electromagnets.

Advantages of electromagnet: for example, its magnetism can be controlled by power on or power off, its magnetic strength can be controlled by current strength, and its north and south poles can be controlled by changing current direction.

What are the main uses of electromagnets?

Electromagnetic switch, traction electromagnet, electromagnetic crane, grinder suction cup, electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic brake, water level automatic alarm, electromagnetic system of automatic electrical appliances, etc.
For example, there is a large electromagnet on the electromagnetic crane. If the current is applied, several tons of steel materials can be sucked up and transported to the designated place at one time. There is no fixture on the grinder table in the machinery factory, but the workpiece being processed is firmly absorbed on it for processing. The worktable is also a large electromagnet. When it is electrified, it has magnetism to attract steel or workpiece. When it is not electrified, it has no magnetism. However, it can release steel or workpiece. The electromagnetic concentrator can separate iron and non-iron materials by the function of electromagnet.
The above is about the advantages and uses of electromagnet, hope to help you.



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