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The price calculation formula of NdFeB magnet

The price of NdFeB magnet is the focus of every user’s attention. Every user hopes to buy suitable NdFeB magnet products at a very low price.
For users who have no requirements, the lower the price, the better. Generally speaking, such users are not very concerned about the quality of the product, and the decrease in cost is the only concern.
For users who have product requirements, price is not the only condition that determines cooperation. Quality occupies a certain proportion.
Due to the above factors, the price quoted by different manufacturers for the same product specification is different.
For manufacturers accustomed to making quality requirements, the price will inevitably be higher than those accustomed to making low-grade and low-quality manufacturers.
The reason is that high-quality products are accompanied by increased processing costs and process flow.
Let’s analyze the price calculation formula of NdFeB magnets below.

  • NdFeB magnet price calculation formula = black sheet unit price + mechanical processing fee + electroplating processing fee + loss + shipping + packaging cost + tax
  • Black sheet unit price: the unit price of the finished product from the NdFeB raw material blank.
  • Mechanical processing fees: Including slicing processing, punching processing, sleeve processing, wire cutting, circular grinding, etc. For details, please refer to: Calculation formula for processing fees of NdFeB magnets
  • Electroplating processing fee: calculate the surface area of NdFeB magnet products according to different specifications and multiply the processing coefficient.
  • Loss: Loss during processing.
  • Freight: the cost incurred from the factory to the buyer.
  • Packaging cost: According to the packaging cost of different manufacturers.
  • Taxes: 13% of the value-added tax.


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