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The Definition Of Magnets

The magnet is not invented, natural magnetite, first discovered and the use of magnets should be Chinese. Therefore, the “compass” is one of the four great inventions of the Chinese people. As for the component that is iron, cobalt, nickel, etc., with the special structure of atoms, atomic itself with magnetic moment. General confusion with these mineral elements. Magnetic zones on magnetic affecting each other .. but outside (such as magnetic field) guided elements consistent with the direction of trend on the show Magnetic. also known as magnets.

Fe, Co and Ni is the most commonly used magnetic material is basically permanent magnets and magnet-soft iron permanent magnet is coupled with strongly magnetic material so that the spin magnetic and electronic Kok with momentum into fixed direction is coupled with soft magnetic current (also a plus magnetic method), and other current iron will gradually removed soft magnetic As for the loss of the first magnet who discovered the oldest documented Chinese Yellow Emperor is a guide to war so Chiyou as one of China’s four great inventions!

China in a century BC magnet polarization that is aware of the situation. Warring States era, he used a natural magnet, on a scale of, used for divination. Two methods used by the Northern Song Dynasty create artificial magnet, a kind of iron is hot needles placed in the North-South direction, rapid cooling, the use of the Earth’s magnetic field will be magnetized iron pin; another magnet is used iron needle from friction. “Meng Xi Bi Tan,” documented the existence of magnetic declination, found under the influence of magnetic declination, the compass needle pointing south, than the SouthEast genuine. Based on this knowledge, and will be developed as a compass magnet for scientific applications.

Magnet is a generic term that generally refers to a magnetic things, the actual composition may not necessarily contain iron. Pure metal than the state itself without permanent magnetic iron, only near the permanent magnet will have a magnetic induction. A permanent magnet inside the general increase in other impurity elements (such as carbon) to make magnetic stabilized, but it would reduce the freedom of electronic conductivity and difficult, so when the current through the lamp-up. Rail is a common zone of magnetic elements, but many other elements have a stronger magnetic, like many powerful magnet Rubidium is a mixture of iron boron.

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