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Surface treatment of sintered NdFeB magnets

In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the magnet and meet the specific surface condition requirements, the following surface treatment can be performed on the magnet according to the customer’s needs. According to the different application environments of permanent magnets, it can also provide a variety of customized composite coating designs to ensure the durability of the magnet.

Surface treatment of sintered NdFeB magnets

Coating category Coating code colour Minimum local thickness Neutral salt spray test Damp heat experiment Pressure cooker experiment Recommended temperature
Electroplated nickel copper nickel (rolling) NiCuNi silver 15μm 72h 500h 48h 200℃
Electroplated nickel copper nickel (hanging) NiCuNi silver 10μm 48h 500h 48h 200℃
Electroplating blue and white zinc Zn Blue and white 4μm 48h 48h N/A 200℃
Electroplating color zinc CZn colourful 4μm 48h 48h N/A 200℃
Nickel copper tin NiCu+Sn Silver white 15μm 72h 500h 96h 200℃
Electroless Ni plating Ni silver 8μm 96h 500h 48h 200℃
Electrophoresis black grey epoxy Black EP black 15μm 240h 500h 96h 200℃
Nickel copper electrophoresis NiCu+ EP black 25μm 500h 1000h 200h 200℃
Zinc electrophoresis Zn+ EP black 18μm 240h 1000h 200h 200℃
SSR coating SSR Golden gray 10μm 1000h 1000h 300h 200℃
aluminum Al Silver white 6μm 96h 500h 96h 200℃


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