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What is a special magnet?

The magnet with irregular shape is called special-shaped magnet. The most common special-shaped magnets in magnet industry are concave convex, stepped, semicircular, slotted and so on.
In which products are special-shaped magnets used more?
Among our customers who use special-shaped magnets, there are more special-shaped magnets than connectors, as well as car chargers. Of course, there are many applications in other fields, such as electroacoustics, electrical appliances, electronics, motors, mobile phones, and so on. They are likely to be used in all walks of life.

What are the common special-shaped magnets?

The common special-shaped magnets are concave convex magnet, slotted magnet, horseshoe magnet, bias hole, side hole magnet and corner cutting magnet.

How to produce special magnet?

Because of its conductivity, special-shaped strong magnet can be processed by wire cutting, grinding, drilling and other processing technologies (turning, milling, etc. can not be implemented). These processing methods can change its shape, which allows us to see a variety of different shapes of special-shaped magnet.
Why use a special magnet? What are the advantages of a special magnet?
Special shaped magnet products have high cost performance and good mechanical properties. Because of its high magnetic energy product and coercivity, it has been widely used in modern industry and electronic technology.

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