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Neocube magnet (BuckyBall/MagCube/CyberCube), it consists of 216 highly magnetic rare earth magnets (each with a diameter of 5mm), each with north-south polarity.

Simply use neocube to improve your intuition in geometry and mathematics. You can use neocube to make countless shapes.

The role of Education

Various functions

Simply use neocube magnets to improve your intuition in geometry and mathematics. You can use neocube as an educational tool in combination with textbooks, so that you can have a better understanding of geometry both theoretically and practically. Because geometry needs a strong ability of spatial imagination, using neocube as a teaching tool can effectively improve the results of geometry.

Improve creativity

Every day, in every environment, we have to learn to adapt. One’s adaptability will directly affect one’s success in life. Most games and puzzles require you to simply form a preset shape. Neocube, on the other hand, allows you to create any kind of shape that you can imagine. The biggest feature of neocube is that you can almost completely control it. Other intellectual toys and models limit you to creating 2D or 3D graphics. And some of the other connected spheres limit you to two-dimensional graphics or polygons. It’s given by 216 neocubes that you can control in any plane, and the shape you create will be as unique as you are. The reason you can control neocube completely is that neocube is made up of magnetic spheres, and each magnetic ball is actually a point.

Effective stimulation of left and right brain

Neocube is really a magical intellectual toy. Neocube can stimulate and exercise your left and right brain at the same time. Neocube can benefit you more than other types of intelligence toys. Each side of the brain is responsible for controlling different functions and cognitive functions of the body. The left brain is responsible for logical reasoning, mathematics and language. It also controls the muscles in the right half of the body. The right brain controls spatial imagination, creativity, facial appearance and visual recognition, as well as the left half of the body. When you play neocube, you should not only use your spatial imagination and creativity, but also your logical thinking ability and even mathematics knowledge. This makes it possible for you to exercise both your left and right brains at the same time.

China Neocube Magnet Manufacturer supplies Neocube magnet, BuckyBall, MagCube, CyberCube for scientific experiments or for industrial applications, in kinds of materials such as NdFeB/NIB/neodymium iron boron, etc.
This product is not a toy and is not to be used by children. This product is to be used for scientific experiments or for industrial applications. This product contains strong Neodymium magnet(s) that can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Strong Neodymium magnets are fragile, they are brittle and will break or chip if they hit a hard surface or are snagged together. Always use the utmost care when handling Neodymium magnets.

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