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What is a countersunk magnet?

Countersunk magnet, also known as countersunk hole magnet. The dimension of countersunk hole magnet is generally represented by big d, diameter of countersunk hole D1, inner diameter of straight hole D2 and thickness (height) H.

Speaking of this kind of magnet, do you really feel strange? Let me give you some examples to see if you are familiar with it. There are some big screws on children’s toys at home, especially those robots. Although you think it should be easy to screw them off, it’s very difficult to make them. I think it’s good Like something sucking, this is a special kind of circular countersunk magnet: screw hole magnet.

A 2D drawing of countersunk hole magnet

Types of countersunk magnets

The common ones are round countersunk magnets, square countersunk magnets, tile countersunk magnets, etc.

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