China permanent magnet manufacturer:

High-precision micro magnets refer to magnets of very small size. Because the magnets are produced by powder metallurgy and ceramic technology, the material is relatively brittle and the workability is poor. The company uses excellent, high-precision processing equipment and excellent production technicians can produce cylinders with a diameter of 0.2mm or more, rings with an outer diameter of 1.5mm or more, squares with a length of 1mm or more, magnetic balls with a diameter of 0.5mm or more, and some unconventional shapes, neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt, aluminum nickel Various materials such as cobalt, ferrite, and rubber magnet are available.
China High-precision Micro Magnets Manufacturer supplies high precision micro magnet, tiny micro magnets miniature magnet solutions, neodymium smco rare earth micro magnets, small micro-sized permanent magnet for scientific experiments or for industrial applications.
This product is not a toy and is not to be used by children. This product is to be used for scientific experiments or for industrial applications. This product contains strong Neodymium magnet(s) that can be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Strong Neodymium magnets are fragile, they are brittle and will break or chip if they hit a hard surface or are snagged together. Always use the utmost care when handling Neodymium magnets.

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