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Pot Magnets And Their Common Uses

Pot magnets are permanent magnets that are encased in steel shells referred to as pots. In essence, permanent magnets have the ability to emit magnetic fields without electricity. The steel shell on the pot magnets increases the holding power providing them with added stability and strength. The magnets are often used as magnetic holders and magnetic bases for large ceiling signs in supermarkets but they also get used in many other applications.

The pot magnets come in five different forms. These are countersunk, bi-pole, internal threaded, stud and through hole. Manufacturers can however make them available in different types including rubber coated, flat, and shallow, round cups and other specifications depending on your needs. You can have the pot magnets customized to match your specifications and applications.

Types of pot magnets


The pot magnets come with a countersunk hole on the magnetic field and usually have a flat top on the face that tapers at 82° angle towards the shell top making a cone shape. The hole aids the magnet by attaching to non-ferromagnetic materials using countersunk screws.

Internal threaded

They have a cylindrical threaded hole through the center area. The hole has continuous grooves and spiral patterns around the inside wall.

Through hole

The hole through the center of these magnets is referred to as boss and it allows attachment to non-ferromagnetic items using a bolt. They can be used for retrieval purposes in hard to reach places like rivers.


They have thin magnets inside the shell right in the center and two mild steel poles on both sides.


These magnets have a stainless steel cylinder protruding from the magnet surface. They can be deep or shallow.

Common uses of pot magnets 

Light fittings

Internal threaded stud pot magnets are the commonly used forms in magnetic light fittings especially the down lights. They are attached to the light end so they can hold them onto the available metal in the ceiling. The light fittings are easy to install and give a clean overall look.

Exhibition display signs

Exhibition displays are very important when it comes to marketing in settings such as trade shows. Countersunk pot magnets come in handy in attaching the display signs together and sturdily.

Door stops

There are many reasons why people need door stops with one of the major reason being presence of toddlers who love banging and closing the doors something that can be very dangerous without supervision. Internal threaded stud pot magnets are the commonly used types to protect the doors from closing all the way for whatever reason. They keep the doors slightly opened offering safety.


Jigs are custom-made tools that control the movement of another tool. Bi-pole magnets are press-fitted or glued where needed on the jig so they hold the non-ferromagnetic material like wood onto the ferromagnetic surface as drilling takes place.

Tow lights

Tow lights are safety tools used to warn road users of a broken down car. Pole magnets are in this case used around the bottom part of the tow lights so they can be attached to the car securely.

Pot magnets have so many applications. You can have yours customized to meet your specifics and needs from a reliable manufacturer.

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