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NdFeB magnet VS ferrite magnet

There are two types of magnets with the largest amount, namely neodymium iron boron magnet and ferrite magnet. They are often compared when designing a magnet.

What is the difference between NdFeB magnet and ferrite magnet?

Magnetic force

For the same volume of NdFeB magnet and ferrite magnet, the magnetic force of NdFeB magnet is more than 10 times that of ferrite magnet.

Temperature resistance

The temperature resistance of ferrite magnet is better than NdFeB magnet. The Curie temperature of ferrite magnet is 430°C, and the Curie temperature of NdFeB magnet is 310°C.


The density of ferrite magnet is 5g/cm³, while the density of NdFeB magnet is 7.5g/cm³. In other words, with the same volume, NdFeB magnet is heavier than ferrite magnet.


With the same volume, the price of NdFeB magnet is usually 10 times more expensive than ferrite magnet.


Ferrite magnet does not require surface treatment because it is an oxide itself.
Neodymium iron boron magnet containing neodymium is easy to oxidize and must be surface electroplated.
Generally speaking:

  • The advantages of ferrite magnet are that the main raw materials are abundant, the price is the lowest, the chemical stability is excellent, and the surface treatment is not required, and the temperature resistance is good. The disadvantage is that the magnetic properties are poor.
  • The advantage of neodymium iron boron magnet is that it has good magnetic properties and realizes the characteristics of small size and strong magnetic force. The disadvantage is poor temperature stability, easy oxidation, and surface treatment is required.


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