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Magnetic Therapy Or Biomagnetic Healing

Magnetism is one of the basic forces in nature. It keeps all things in this galaxy in order. Earth itself is a big magnet and its magnetic field is responsible for protecting all life on earth against harmful effects of high energy radiations.

Earth as a magnet has two poles, a North Pole and a South pole. These North and South poles are for navigational purpose only. In Biomagnetism the nomenclature is just opposite. The geographic North Pole is referred to as South pole and geographical South pole is referred to as North pole. It is because when a bar magnet is suspended South Pole is attracted to North Pole and vice versa.

Magnet therapy has two distinct areas; pulsed bioelectric magnetic therapy and fixed magnetic therapy. In simple words the fixed magnets emit a static magnetic field where as electromagnets emit pulsed magnetic fields. Both fixed magnets and electromagnets are two different sides of the same coin but the electromagnets have three sides – electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as compared to fixed magnets which have two sides – electric field and magnetic field. Electromagnetic radiation is the result of rapid acceleration and deceleration of the electrons.

Magnetic therapy depends upon the strength of magnets, no. of magnets, spacing of magnets etc. The permanent magnets are placed against the skin at specific points. These points are similar to acupuncture points. The magnets placed on these points of the body seek to improve blood flow and energy at that point.

Magnets have the power to attract or repel molecules. The biomolecules are aligned in a definite pattern and the pattern is different in neighboring molecules. By placing magnets at specific points the molecules tend to aligned with the magnetic field generated by the magnets. This helps the body to recover faster.

Earth’s magnetic field plays an important role in our health. When the first astronauts returned back to the earth, they were sick. There sickness was found to be due to lack of magnetism in the outer space. Now a days the space suits and the spaceships have strategically placed magnets in them.

In the absence of magnetic field/energy, the energy level of the atoms falls. As a result the nutrient molecules become depolarized and the body starts malfunctioning. This can be cured by applying magnetic field. Thus magnetic therapy tends to restore the balance of the body and improve health.

Some of the applications of the magnetic therapy are to:

  1. Relieve pain and discomfort
  2. Reduce inflammation
  3. Improve circulation of blood
  4. Reduce stress
  5. Correct central nervous system
  6. Enhance energy level of the body
  7. Quicken healing
  8. Increase athletic endurance and performance
  9. Cure bacterial, fungal and viral infections etc.

Magnets are simple to use. The North Pole is said to relieve pains and reduce swelling, it also increases oxygen up take by the tissues. The South Pole on the other hand increases swelling, decreases oxygen uptake and accelerates growth of all type.

In magnet therapy it is the North Pole that is generally applied for relieving pain. However magnets should not be used if one is using pacemaker, is pregnant or there is bleeding of any type. South pole should not be used for therapy without medical prescription.

Magnetic therapy is likely to play a big role in future in alleviating a variety of ailments We need more research to provide greater understanding about how to manipulate magnets for best results. The magnetic therapy can be used in conjunction with other types of therapy.

Hippocrates wrote “The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of all”

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