Please fill in
  • Property of magnetic steel:
  • Residual magnetism Br:
  • Gauss
  • Diameter d:
  • mm
  • Thickness h:
  • mm
Remarks: please fill in the required specific parameters for magnetic steel carefully, and then the corresponding values could be calculated. You can also contrast with the magnetic steel diagram as below.
Check result
  • Bp Magnetic field intensity Bp:
  • Gauss

1. The calculated result is the surface magnetic field intensity under the condition of the test point is in the center of the wafer;
2. The size of the surface magnetism to NdFeB magnets with same dimension is only relevant to residual magnetism, so other marks outside of N-grade such as H, SH, UH and others have same calculation results with ā;
3. 3.During practical test, in case the residual magnetism Br is poor in consistency, there might be relatively difference to the measured value.