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Magnet grade

NdFeB magnets come in different grades, such as N42, N52 or N42SH. What do these numbers mean? What are the characteristics of magnets involved in various grades?  

What is the grade of a magnet?

In general, higher numbers indicate stronger magnets. N52 has stronger magnetic force than N42. These figures are derived from the actual material properties, expressed as the maximum magnetic energy product of the magnet material. It represents the demagnetization curve of the magnet. If you have two magnets of the same size and different grade, you will find that the magnet with high grade has much stronger magnetic force.

How to measure the strength of a magnet?

This requires testing the magnetic field strength of a magnet. Generally, Gauss meter is used.

20201214065007 55932 - Magnet grade

The magnetic field intensity is expressed in Gauss units, which depends on the size, shape and grade of the product.

What grade of magnet should I choose?

This depends on the range of use of the magnet, such as: the need to absorb multiple objects, at what temperature the working environment.

Comparison of NdFeB with other magnets

Type Maximum magnetic energy product (Mega Gauss Oersted)
NdFeB 35-52
Samarium Cobalt 26 26
AlNiCo 5.4
Ferrite 3.4
Other 0.6-1.2

NdFeB magnets are the most powerful type of permanent magnets that can be used. The progress of magnets are the history of improving coercivity. Neodymium magnets are strong and are not easily demagnetized than other types of magnets.

Where does the N number come from?

First, N represents NdFeB, the second number represents the magnetic energy product, and then the letters represent the coercivity characteristics. For example, N35 without letters represents the common type of N35, M is the medium coercivity, and H is the high coercivity.

demag.curves 300x225 1 - Magnet grade



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